Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever.
Hebrews 13:8


We Are Faith Foursquare!


Faith Foursquare Church (FFC) was birthed in the home of Pastors Bob and Kathy Haught in 2009. Since that birth, FFC has grown and is located in the Orchards Neighborhood of Vancouver where it serves it’s neighbors with love and compassion.

Although birthed in 2009, the church’s conception had taken place in Pastor Bob and Kathy’s hearts decades earlier as a dream and a desire given to them both.

God filled Pastors Bob and Kathy with a love for His children and a passion to see the church actually be the church. FFC is now becoming more and more the fulfillment of that dream.

FFC is a family of believers that are committed to loving God, loving each other, and being the church house to house, in our communities, and in the marketplace.

If you’re seeking a church home, please come check us out. We don’t believe that you will be disappointed.